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December 03, 2009


Document Capture

What about a third? What i would call a detached environment, where the software/service runs on a hosted machine within the environment (Not the MFP).

Bill Brikiatis

This is an important question. Lets take a minute to understand.

Both environments mentioned in my post typically involve a server that that takes care of the heavy processing. This server (or host as you call it) runs on the network outside of the MFP.

I believe the third environment that you are suggesting is when the MFP software scans to a "watch" folder and the document is swept up into the document imaging system. Is this the type of system that you are suggesting?

This third type of system still would involve either a Web services or Java system at the MFP because that is where the MFP scanning software runs. Because the scanning software sometimes comes with the MFP, buyers typically don't think about where this software resides.

Document Imaging

These two environment is used widely though they have some limitations. What about the third? The third will come with all the features to fulfill the demands of all.

Bill Brikiatis

I'm very interested in the third type of environment. Could you tell us more?

id scanner

Yeah..I am very much interested in third environment. It looks like it will solve my all problems. Can you please send me more details about the third environment.

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comment system

It's true, I use a canon and have to get Java installed to work with some of the features. Hopefully in the near future they will change that, in order to make all cameras compatible and to make it easier on software users.

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The scanning software sometimes comes with the MFP, buyers typically don't think about where this software resides.The Ad-hoc scanning of individual documents into computer files.Where as the desktop batch scanning of documents to network files or to a document management system.


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Two different type of MFP software environment explained here.One is embedded java which is widely used in programming language applications.Second is web services leverages international standard.these two have their own advantages and disadvantages.I like your post.

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