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November 09, 2009


Advanced Capture and Scanning

I think the biggest issue is contention, especially in higher volume businesses.

Bill Brikiatis

If what you mean by "contention" is people having to wait to use the MFP, this can certainly be an issue. After all, I've yet to see an MFP with more than one platen.

But it would be good to keep in mind that office workers can now copy or scan at the same time someone else is printing. This resolves much contention at the MFP. Many people incorrectly believe you can't scan and print at the same time.


I work with Sharp and their MFPs utilize award winning network scanning features. Image send enables users to send to 7 different destinations including network folders. This feature would definitely reduce paper usage.

Bill Brikiatis

No question scanning with a Sharp MFP could reduce paper usage. Often times scanning documents increases paper usage if people are printing out the documents each time they need it for a meeting.

The real question is why aren't office workers scanning documents and viewing them on screen or using a projector when they need to collaborate.

Scanning usage with Sharp MFPs is not any higher than with other brands of MFPs.


Great post, what an astonishing stat that only 33% of businesses use MFP's for distributed scanning. My client, Sharp, however, will eventually increase this percentage as they offer the best MFPs in the market.

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Often times scanning documents increases paper usage if people are printing out the documents each time they need it for a meeting.

Bill Brikiatis

It is absolutely true that if people are printing out scanned documents everytime they need them, it will use more paper. I hope people are displaying documents on computer screens or, if they are in large groups, projecting them using slide projectors.

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I think this would be great solution to use projectors rather than using papers which in turn waste your time and also badly affects environment. Very informative article.

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I would definitely set up the MFP as a document scanning point. Especially for front office workers as part of the overall document management process. For higher volume document scanning, such as in accounting and HR, I would implement a high speed document scanner.

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