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November 23, 2009


Portable Storage

Seems a pretty interesting idea paperless office.I think that how a office must be looking without papers on their desk,awesoem idea and good to see that someone is successful in applying this idea.

Portable Storage,

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Wow, what a great story. Yeah, i always wonder how about documents on paper and your topic is definitely a good idea!


Bill Brikiatis

James -- It is a great story. Constuction firms and their clients can benefit a great deal by moving away from paper documents to electronic workflows. They can move much more quickly and reduce the amount of busy work if they remove paper from the environment.

business card scanner

This is a great solution! And it is really not that hard to work mostly on digital documents- when every signed document you can also scan and send it is a great, environmentally friendly way of work!

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records management

Not only those it saves a temporary paper problem but on a regular use it can also save money and save trees ! :) But seriously now, I just like how everything is more organized when it's data saved on the computer instead of on papers shoved somewhere.

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