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October 07, 2009


Bill Brikiatis

Thanks for the kind words.

Document Imaging

It is a great news that two leading companies in their respective field are trying to go with hand in hand. This will "result in a product set and organization that are complementary, expanding Nuance's imaging portfolio with the eCopy".
By sharing information's they will provide far more services to their clients and customers.

Bill Brikiatis

No question that there is a great deal of synergy between the two organizations. You will be seeing some exciting new technologies that will be integrated into eCopy software from Nuance.

business card scanner

It's great news, but I'm surly waiting for the REAL news - when will we enter this Scanning 2.0 era? I wish to find every paper in my house inside a digital device throughout a easy and fast scanning. Can you make it happen? :)

id scanner

I am very happy to hear that you will continue with your old products! I would love to have all my paper work on my computer and not have to print every file- then sign it and the scan it again to send- when will the safe digital signature enter the market in your opinion?

Bill Brikiatis

It would depend on your definition of "safe." Nothing is fool proof. Certainly digital signatures can be a safe today as physical signatures.

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digital certificated

hello, I also think that the digital signatures are already safe today as physical signatures, even more! its the next security generation!

records management

I am happy to see that you are doing good. I am interested in transferring my all paper work into my compute. I want to handle them electronically instead of managing & collecting all kinds of papers in my file.

digital signatures

I too feel that nothing is foolproof but as in todays environment a number of security measures are taken that its almost safe and foolproof.I feel this can not be tampered easily

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