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August 24, 2009



A good read and prediction of the years to come - when everything we'd like to know are just clicks away.

A wonder what sorts of cultures/practices that come with paper will disappear as well?

Bill Brikiatis

Jenny -- I think there will be a general impatience with any delay of delivery of information. People will not be willing to wait for information. They will expect that delivery will be instantaneous.

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Actually, the trend of paperless work has been started . Now people don't need to do manual signature for authentication. They can also used digital as well electronic signature. In fact, these are more secure and more compatible than paper work.

records management

Agreed ! Now people believe in electronic management of records. It is easy to maintain as well as handled. Keeping the records is beneficial in every term either we talked about security or compatibility.

Cason Larusso

Since it is the running trend for most companies, the application of a paperless office is preferred by upcoming companies. With the need for less paper documents and maintenance costs, a paperless office saves you more money which can be used to finance other expenses. And it gives more security, too! :)

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