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May 20, 2009


document management software

EMC, as in the parent company of Mozy online backup?

Bill Brikiatis

Hi Jack -- Yes EMC is the parent company of Mozy, but they are better know for their computer storage hardware products. EMC also has a content management software group of products that include EMC Captiva document imaging, Documentum ApplicationXtender content management and EMC Documentum Content Server.

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Oh yes, I do know EMC by the ApplicationXtender we use in our office! I think it very important for companies to go through this stage right now and not to get stuck behind, the problem is that every company works in a different format...

id scanner

Hey- we work with some of your software as well! I must say- we tried a whole bunch of programs and decided to use yours at the end!

Bill Brikiatis

id scanner -- Thanks for working with Nuance software.

business card scanner

Yes Bill . EMC has a content management software group of products that include EMC Captiva document imaging etc. We people use the same in our company and feeling very much comfortable.

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