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April 27, 2009



Most organisations that I have seen are wasting so much money as a result of their approach to paper / electronic. I soundly vote for Mr Lowry's two clear messages there in respect of MPS.

Bill Brikiatis

Jules -- There's no question that MPS is a game-changing development for MFP manufacturers and will ultimately benefit end users by providing services that are just what they need to be more productive.


Can MFP manufacturers make changes to accomodate MPS that are still profitable for them? It is often the case that basic commerce stands in the way other considerations.

Bill Brikiatis

Stuart makes a great point. In many situations MPS is great for the customer but cuts the profit margin of the office equipment manufacturer (OEM) or the dealer turned MPS provider.

On December 18, 2009, I met with Craig LeClair from the industry analyst firm Forrester Research. LeClair provided me with some background on MPS research that he will be publishing just after the holidays. We discussed why some OEM's will profit from the transition and some will not. Like any other major market change, some providers will adapt better than others and will take marketshare. Providers should look at this as an opportunity. Some providers will fail to keep up with the competition and their customers will become available to more progressive providers. The only real question is how quickly will customers move from equipment leases to the new MPS model.

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