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April 15, 2009


Document Technology Guru

Thank you for clarifying some of the more misunderstood aspects of MFP scanning. I understand its uses more fully now. Thanks for the great resource!

Bill Brikiatis

You're welcome and thanks for commenting. People have suggested that I should publish a post on the advantage of standalone scanners over MFPs. There are many.

FRank Stellato

Can I OCR a document for editing using ecopy desktop?

Bill Brikiatis

Frank -- What a timely question. Yesterday eCopy announced availability of the next generation of eCopy Desktop, which is now called eCopy PaperWorks. You can OCR a scanned document using either eCopy Desktop or eCopy PaperWorks and create a text or Word document.

The OCR capability of eCopy PaperWorks is improved over eCopy Desktop, so I would recommend that you use PaperWorks.

You can try this for yourself for free by going to http://www.ecopy.com/Products-eCopy-PaperWorks.asp and downloading the 45-day trial version on the right hand side of the page.

Tina Harrah

Toshiba has a proprietary software that allows for OCR it is called Re-Rite and functions very well. It is a enterprise software which is much less expensive for larger companies then the per user PaperWorks software.

Bill Brikiatis

Thanks for commenting Tina. This is a good point. Please also note that Nuance has free PDF Reader software that provides highly accurate OCR for scanned documents. So you can scan from your Toshiba MFP as a PDF and convert it to Word or RTF using the free PDF Reader. You can down load the reader at http://www.nuance.com/imaging/products/pdf-reader.asp

id scanner

This is great info- thank you so much for sharing! I am trying to convince my boss to start using MFP at the office for months now!!! Hopefully once he reads this news he will understand it better.

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Thank you for the information, this really cleared up a few misconceptions that I had about document scanning.

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30 seconds to two minutes is really not that bad. At my office this usually takes me around 5 minutes on a good day. And i hardly ever have a good day :)

document scanning

MFP is very popular in organizations.This due to efficient working.But there are certain misconceptions which are mentioned above need to be clear.i also thought that we cant't preview image on MFP.Thanks for clearing my misconception.This post will be great help who are not well aware of MFPs.

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