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March 10, 2009


Robert Cooper

For BizBox readers– New print software for small business.
Hi There,
To further improve your paper - and ink! - usage you may be interested in this new print software for small business. We’ve just posted a press release on our site that I thought might be of interest to your readers.
The release talks about the new network edition of our ecoPrint2 product, which helps small businesses save on ink, toner and paper.
Long story short, the software does a remarkable job of reducing the amount of ink or toner your printer uses on most print jobs and also provides easy options for printing multiple pages per sheet to save paper.
The product holds interest for a wide range of small businesses as it cuts down dramatically on the waste associated with printing, while also saving significant money on consumables.
The release is at:
BTW if you’d like a complimentary copy of the software to try out, please email me back and I’ll get you a copy. My email is [email protected].


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