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February 27, 2009


hosted document solutions

Great tips, I will definitely keep them in mind...

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Bob Bueltmann - KnowledgeLake

Metadata capture is critical for structured content management solutions that will persist for years in an enterprise. However, so many MFP capture vendors focus on saving docs to SharePoint folders because they lack the reality of the real business world for information workers. No one wants to stand at an MFP and index a batch of documents and if no metadata capture, then use the file system. There are so many pretenders that are just confusing the market and not delivering on best practices....what a shame for our industry.

Ed White - eCopy

Metadata capture IS critical, however metadata capture has very little to do with saving docs in SharePoint folders. The reality is that there is value in both. The value is typically related to the type of content that is being captured, such as structured vs. unstructured, as well as how that information comes into the organization. For example, high volume transactional content that comes into the organization with a high degree of structure and repeatable context to the content can be indexed and automated quite easily. Then there is everything else. Other types of content are unstructured, yet highly relevant and high value. This content is most often unmanaged and needs to be worked with by information workers rather than simply batched and processed. Understanding what needs to be captured and how people will use the content is the key to finding the RIGHT solution that addresses the business need. The confusion in the market comes from people that only see capture in a single light and don’t look at capture based on the content and try to fit the problem to the solution. The ideal solution should flexibly address both manual and automated data extraction and indexing as well as enable information workers to use the technology the way they work, which includes navigation to the relevant content and locations.

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