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October 15, 2008


Bob Zagami


I hope we will have a chance to meet and talk about your involvement with AIIM at the Boston event tomorrow.

While Sharepoint is certainly an intersting topic, we don't see a lot of acceptance as a document management platform, but do see it evolving as an excellent collaboration tool.

Bob Zagami
AIIM International Board of Directors

Rusty Russel

the lighter side of BPM


Christian Steven

Business process management, or optimistically called, business process automation, seeks a more sophisticated way to boost productivity.

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Now a days many of the companies abroad have started outsourcing their back office jobs to Indian companies as a strategic idea to cut down costs and they get easy access to intellectual caliber of the people in India.

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id scanner

We also use the SharePoint a whole lot, but we use it mostly as a collaboration tool! I should look in to the work managment tool options it offeres! Thank you for the update!

Bill Brikiatis

SharePoint is a powerfull tool. I will look into the work management capabilities.

id scanner

yeah Bill..I also think that SharePoint is more powerful tool in comparison to Collaboration tool. And this can be one of reason for that we don't see a lot of acceptance as a document management platform

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