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September 08, 2008



Makes sense, EMC has Documentum and Captiva working together nicely. OpenText also has that nice AP solution.

Jerry C

Inquiring folks want to know.....when is eCopy going to be acquired and by whom? Seems any major MFP player would have already made the offer and that time has come and gone especially since most have competing solutions that are close or equal to eCopy. What bidders are left? Microsoft Sharepoint may have a need for MFP capture. Any other ideas? Be a shame to see that nimble Nashua outfit slowly fade away into the sunset, but the future is beginning to look bleak.

Tristam Wallace

Jerry, thanks but your speculation is just that...speculation. eCopy just finished its 16th straight year of record sales. We sold over 30,000 eCopy ShareScan licenses last fiscal year. eCopy's reach is greater than ever. All the major MFP manufacturers sell our product. The company is very well positioned for the future.

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