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April 16, 2008



In some cases, I believe back scanning can be accomplished with an MFP. As a Konica Dealer, we see customers utilizing our copiers all the time for high volume scanning, especially in the legal vertical. Entry level MFPs are now scanning at 70 pages per minute. To purchase a 70 ppm dedicated scanner is a costly endeavor, and if you add maintenance to the package, you are looking at a seroius investment. The Copier market does not yet support a "click charge" for scanning, and customers get the benefit of maintenance on their document feeder and scanning components at a nominal fee.

We do position the MFPs as day-to-day scanning devices, providing a one-to-many solution for the office environment, but they can also be utilized for mid-volume scanning operations with some limitations.

I have written some additional notes at the links below:

Scanning with Copiers

What to look for in a Document Scanner

Tristam Wallace

Steve - Thanks for the response. Yes, scan speeds of MFPs can handle this type of scanning and from a technical point of view, are certainly capable. The question that companies should ask is whether a shared scanning device like an MFP is the best piece of hardware to use for this process. It really depends on what their workflows look like, who is doing the scanning and where that scanning takes place. An MFP should be used for multiple tasks -- scanning, printing, copying and perhaps faxing. So, if back file scanning can be done in an environment that a shared scanning device is beneficial, then by all means, an MFP is a great choice. But if the device will only be used for scanning and used by a single operator, then there may be better options.

Also, you may want to add the links you mentioned...the hyperlinks didn't come through.

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