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April 22, 2008


Jake Wyman

In addition to eCopy's built in OCR for searchable text we also offer custom development services through our professional services organization. (ePS) We have done many ZoneOCR projects that integrate different document types into varying back end systems. Many of our solutions include reading zones from documents, applying business logic to the document for archival or routing within an organization. We also provide solutions that incorporate real time end user validation of the zones for accurate recognition. eCopy is happy to help with your document capture needs and can build a custom solution that delivers results.

Peter Abraham

Open Archive Systems is the first company to create and release an eCopy 4.2 Document Service. This service is capable of file naming and routing based off of Barcode data extracted during scans. This Open Archive Document Service can be ordered and is available today through eCopy. There is also an Image enhancement component that allows for cleanup of poor quality images and background color removal improving OCR and readability. For more information please visit our website at:


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